Self check-in instructions (scroll down) 

Where we are

Via Cure del Lino, 20
25087 SALO’
or click HERE for address with car navigation system

A4 Milano Venezia motorway: exit at Brescia Est, follow the signs for Salò on the SS45bis state road

Motorway A4 Venezia Milano: exit Desenzano del Garda continue on the SS11 towards Desenzano and then Salò on the SP26

Deluxe XL apartment 

You will recognise the building because it is the only light blue one.
Now you can enter your personal code to open the main door (you can find the code in the self check-in email). 

Once inside, GO UP a few steps and you will find the Deluxe XL apartment. Open the apartment door with your personal code. Inside the apartment on the kitchen table you will find the parking card (only if you have reserved it)

Please note that you can only park in front of the house (via Cure del Lino) for a few minutes, just to unload your luggage and take the parking card. In Via Cure del Lino parking is only allowed for residents with a special coupon displayed in the car.

Where to park

Via Landi, 19
25087 - Salo'
or click HERE for address with car navigation system 

The apartment is located in an unique area of Garda Lake, where parking is only possible for a fee. If you need a covered parking space during your stay, and you still didn't reserve it, book it at least one day before your arrival at an advantageous rate (18 euro per day instead of 48 euro without reservation). To do so, proceed to book it in the BOOK ADDITIONAL ITEMS section in your reserved guest web page. 

Parking space (only with reservation) 

You can use the parking card found in the kitchen to raise the barrier. The parking card is magnetic. Do NOT take any ticket at the entrance of the parking.

Once inside, go up to the first floor. At the entrance to the first floor, on the left, you will find the parking space reserved for you with your name on it.

In order to prevent the parking space from being occupied in your absence, we always recommend placing the pole above the parking space.

Enjoy your stay!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information